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Vice chairman speech

    Fushun mechanical equipment Co.LTD, the company experienced ten years of trials and   hardships. For our enterprise, we are full of passion, we always keep the mentality of   entrepreneurs, not afraid of difficulties, strive to expand, and constantly innovate. We        desire to do better than the past years,  the precious wealth of enterprises continue to


    In the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in the new era, the people will be in new attitude, full of enthusiasm, tenacious style, to face new challenges.     Dedicated to system innovation, technology innovation and management innovation, regard quality as the root , ensuring the safety of products, the pursuit of the harmonious       development of enterprises and society, customers, and employees, we are willing to work with people from all over the world with sincerity, shoulder to shoulder to creat a     win -win, bright future.

                                                                    ---- Vice Chairman  Xu Ke

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